Resources for Students

Admissions 101: A guide provided by CFWV to help students explore and apply to colleges. 

Amazon Prime College Tour: A streaming TV series featuring information about colleges and universities across the country. 

College Scorecard: A tool to help students and families evaluate the quality of higher education programs. 

College Is Necessary: A flyer demonstrating why pursuing postsecondary education is imperative for success. 

College Is Worth It: A flyer describing the benefits of completing postsecondary education. 

FAFSA Guardianship Guide: A guide to assist counselors, students, and families in navigating issues of guardianship when completing the FAFSA. 

Financial Aid 101: A guide provided by CFWV to help students and families secure financial aid for college. 

Financial Aid Infographic: An infographic outlining the average amount of financial aid West Virginia students receive. 

Financial Aid Road Map: A resource provided by CFWV that outlines steps students and families should take to apply for financial aid. 

Map of West Virginia Colleges and Universities: A flyer listing West Virginia’s two-year and four-year public and not-for-profit colleges and universities.

Road Map to College: A resource provided by CFWV that outlines steps students should take throughout high school to prepare for college. 

Senior Year Road Map: A resource provided by CFWV that outlines steps high school seniors should take to prepare for college. 

Txt 4 Success Program: A program that provides 12th grade students with “just in time” college-planning reminders via text messaging.

West Virginia College Road Trip: A website featuring virtual tours, videos, and interactive activities to help students explore colleges in West Virginia. 

YouVisit: A website housing virtual tours for numerous colleges and universities across the country. 

Resources for Educators

Asset Mapping: An overview of asset mapping provided by the AmeriCorps Vista program.

AzCAN: An organization supporting college attainment in Arizona. 

Capabilities Your Organization Needs to Sustain Innovation: An article from the Harvard Business Review about building a culture to support ongoing innovation. 

CFWV English Curriculum: A curriculum guide for integrating college-planning resources into English classes. 

Champion of College Access and Success: A designation to recognize schools in West Virginia that are committed to students’ postsecondary success. 

Collective Impact: An article published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review that outlines a framework for effective and meaningful collaboration.

College Application and Exploration Week: A statewide program to help elementary, middle, and high schools increase awareness of postsecondary opportunities. 

College Decision Day: A statewide program to celebrate students who choose to pursue some form of postsecondary education. 

College-Going Culture: The characteristics of a college-going culture according to UC Berkeley

College-Going Rates: Annual College-Going Rates by West Virginia county

Common App Ready: A guide for counselors to help students complete the Common App.

Culture Code: A book by Daniel Coyle on how to build strong organizational cultures. 

Eight Dimensions of Wellness: A detailed overview of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness provided by William and Mary.

Empathize: The Heart of Design: A case study describing how to get to the heart of a problem or issue.  

FAFSA Completion Campaign: A toolkit of resources to increase FAFSA completion rates, tailored for West Virginia students. 

Family Engagement Toolkit: A toolkit provided by Appalachian State GEAR UP

Financial Aid Toolkit: A toolkit with a variety of financial aid resources to help educate students about financial aid opportunities. 

FAFSA Completion Rates: Weekly FAFSA Completion Rates by West Virginia high school

Fearless Organization: A book by Amy Edmondson on “creating psychological safety in the workplace for learning, innovation, and growth.

Federal Financial Aid Outreach Toolkit: A toolkit provided by the federal office of financial aid that includes training for counselors, materials that can be shared with students and families, and details about federal financial aid programs. 

Florida College Access Network: An organization supporting college attainment in Florida. 

Good to Great: A book by Jim Collins on facilitating organizational cultures to support greatness. 

Grant Writing 101 for US Nonprofits: Learning the Formula: An overview of the components and stages of the grant writing process.  

Grant Writing 101: Resources for Grant Writers: A list of resources to help you learn to be an effective grant writer. 

How Do I Write a Grant Proposal? A Guide: An introductory course on grant writing. 

How Great Leaders Inspire Action: A TED Talk by Simon Sinek

How Reframing a Problem Unlocks Innovation: Advice for understanding or clearly defining the problem to be solved.  

How Successful Companies Sustain Innovation: An article from Fast Company on the common characteristics of innovative organizations. 

How to Start a Movement: A TED Talk by Derek Sivers

Impact Management: This free, online course teaches participants how to center their efforts around a common cause or a desired impact.

Leadership Without Easy Answers: A book by Ronald Heifetz on addressing complex social problems.

Leading Continuous Change: A book by Bill Pasmore on how to lead organizations and communities through change. 

Michigan College Access Network: One of the most successful college attainment networks in the country. 

National Association of Secondary School Principals College Access Guide: A guide for principals for supporting college access and readiness.

National College Attainment Network (NCAN): A group providing college readiness and success resources and training.

National College Colors Day: An annual initiative encouraging people to wear the colors or gear of their favorite college or university. 

National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP): A group providing college readiness and success resources and training as well as support for GEAR UP programs across the country. 

Parent Engagement Toolkit: A toolkit provided by Oregon GEAR UP.

Philanthropy West Virginia: a nonprofit organization supporting West Virginia’s philanthropic organizations and foundations. 

Placemaking: An introduction to placemaking provided by the Project for Public Spaces. 

Prichard Committee: A group that provides numerous in-depth resources and training programs for facilitating stronger school/family engagement.

Proposal Writing Insights: Strategies and tips for improving grant proposals. 

Setting Goals, Objectives, and KPIs: A video offering practical guidance for articulating a common agenda. 

Starting a Foundation: A guide provided by the Council on Foundations. 

Study Lab: Online professional development courses provided by NCCEP related to college access and readiness issues.

Supporting First-Generation Students: A guide for high school counselors created by The College Board.

Theory of Change: An overview of how to develop a Theory of Change, provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. 

True Gen: Generation Z and Its Implications for Companies: A report by McKinsey on the characteristics of Gen Z.

West Virginia’s Climb is a collaborative effort amongst educators, business leaders, policymakers, and community members to support the educational attainment of ALL West Virginians. 

Why Your Environment is the Biggest Factor in Changing Your Life: An article from Inc Magazine.

West Virginia Student ‘HEROs’ Inspiring Their Peers to Reach Higher: An article about a college-access-focused youth group formed in West Virginia.

West Virginia Student Success Summit: An annual conference convening educators and partners from across the Pre-K through postsecondary continuum.